Hey there!

My name is Matteo and I am a student from Germany.

In my free time I like building different projects. For hobby purposes, I like sharing my work as Open-Source, so others can use it as an inspiration or guide. I’ve been interested in electronics since 2018 and did various smaller projects, including a T-shirt with 36 colorful LEDs that could display animations.

LED T-Shirt

I quickly found out about 3D-Printers and acquired a Creality Ender 3 to utilize the power of Additive Manufacturing in my own projects. My first proper project that incorporated both electronics and 3D-Printing was a bike lamp that could be used as a blinker, making it much safer for the rider at night.

One of the most interesting projects in my opinion is the bird live streamer, a wooden bird box that includes a Raspberry Pi streaming the live feed to Twitch. Surprisingly, in spring 2019 a bird family showed up and I was able to make some cute footage. In the following 2 years, sadly no bird came by.

I see my projects as a fantastic learning opportunity, here I want to mention the time I build a smart greenhouse and used my own moisture sensor for the soil. Basically being a voltage divider, there was always a small current that made the copper wire react with the moist soil. If I made a similar project again, I would use an inductive sensor.


Let’s talk about 3D-Printing again, I truly believe Additive Manufacturing has a great potential - not only for custom projects, but also in industrial uses where you need more design freedom or faster turnaround times. Thus I have decided to build my very own 3D-Printer in summer 2020. A custom CoreXY printer with a direct extruder and 300mmx300mm build area, based on the Hypercube Evolution by Scott3D, made a great addition to my Ender 3. Since then, I made various changes to my first printer and found much fun in it.


Most recently, I have been involved in the Open-Smartwatch project by fellow maker @pauls_3d_things, making some smaller contributions and actively participating in the Discord Server.

Lastly, I want to mention that I am a big fan of good tools. My collection of Knipex, Wera and Engineer tools is not the biggest, nevertheless it just makes me happy to work with them.

Thank you again for checking out my website, I hope you will find useful information and inspiration for your own projects.

My contact email-address: hi@matti04.net