Ender 3 Fan Duct Timelapse

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Fan Duct

For my Creality Ender 3 3D-Printer, I bought an E3D V6 hotend about half a year ago. Thanks to its all-metal design, I am able to print semi-professional engineering materials like PA-12.

However, I never got around to design a proper part cooling solution. I had already made an aluminum mount, which allowed me to easily add a threaded hole and screw a 5015 blower fan onto it. Today, I designed a fan duct/nozzle to direct the airflow on the hot plastic.

Only after a first prototype, I was satisfied with my design in Fusion 360. I have very limited skills designing organic shapes in a parametric design software, which is why it looks a bit odd. Nevertheless, here’s a 3D-view of the second iteration:

File name: /stl/Ender3_V6_5015_Fan_Nozzle_v9.stl
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This STL viewer was made with JavaScript/three.js, learn more about it here. It might take a second or two to load.

I printed the duct from PA-12 (Nylon) Filament, due to the heat radiation from the hotbed and hotzone. Previous experiences showed that PET-G ducts warp when printing with higher temperatures.


I was provided the filament by a manufacturer to try out!

Here you can see a Timelapse of the print. Currently, I have a 0,25mm nozzle installed. It took around 36 minutes, and I was surprised that there was little stringing, even though I only dried the filament using moisture bags. A small support structure was necessary to ensure proper geometry.

I haven’t tested the new duct extensively yet, but it is very sturdy and blows the air directly on the part.


Please consider investing in a high quality blower fan, because I made bad experiences with cheap blowers fans! Multiple fans started rattling after only ~100 print hours and they are very noisy.