Impressions from Formnext 2021 Frankfurt

2 minute read


All pictures were taken with the agreement from the company. This post doesn’t aim to provide journalistic news coverage. All infection protection rules were met.

I visited Formnext 2021 in Frankfurt! Here you can see some photos. I was just a few minutes late to experience the introduction of the new Prusa XL. I do very much like the innovations they put into that machine, like a thermistor in the heatbreak (to detect heat-creep) and the bed assembly. Also, I like that more and more printers adopt linear rails. The hotend is apparently a self-developed version, made with E3D.

You can also see the new hotend from E3D, the Revo. Big feature is the RapidChange, where you can change the nozzles without tools in seconds. Finally, they also announced a pancake upgrade for the Hemera! The motors are made by known and popular brands.

For all the water-cooling nerds out there, Dyze has a few cool things. For example, a cooling module that you can attach on the back of a stepper motor (extruder).

I was surprised how much pellet extruders I saw. In the pictures, there is one from Dyze and a whole Delta printer from WASP with a pellet extruder. That specific printer held its buildplate with the help of a vacuum, which I didn’t quite understand. But apparently, it’s much easier than magnets for such big spring steel sheets.

Igus had a big appearance, too. They had great example applications for their polymer linear technology, including a 3D-Printer. The large, box-sized printer used a BondTech LGX extruder and a Slice hotend. It seemed like it used a EBM Papst fan for part cooling. It also had very beefy motors, which I assume are from Igus as well.

Lastly, there were many industrial printers, including Formlabs, HP and Stratasys. I was offered to set up one of those machines in virtual reality, and I was given a sample print (prototype jet engine) from metal!

Thank you for reading my impressions! Did you visit Formnext yourself? And what did you find the most interesting?