Are 3D-Printed GoPro accessories a viable option?

1 minute read


After a family member found out that his GoPro action-camera doesn’t find on his new tripod, I was given the chance to 3D-print an adapter plate. Luckily, there were many different options to choose from online. That leads us to the question, are 3D-printed GoPro accessories any good?

First, here are some pictures of possible accessories, which are widely found on the internet:

Adapter Adapter Adapter

As you can see, there’s a 3D-printed solution for almost all your filming needs. With search engines like Yeggi, finding the right accessory is a matter of seconds.

Unfortunately, every designer makes his parts slightly different. That means, it might take a few tries until you get your tolerances dialed in well enough. Also, some parts are difficult to print because overhangs/unsupported structures are in a poor orientation. So, before printing the part, take a few seconds to choose an appropriate printing orientation and read some of the comments under the specific file. That saves you from re-prints.

To summarize, 3D-printed parts are a very good fit for action cameras. Not only will you get an incredible turnaround time (the shown examples mostly took no longer than 2 hours), but also it is much more affordable than injection-moulded part and their shipping fees.

While official mounting solutions might look a bit more professional, I think even for long-term usage a 3D-Print can work out well. The shown example for the tripod is in use for nearly half a year and doesn’t show any signs of use.

Thanks for reading this post. Send me an email if you had a similar story where 3D-Printing was useful or if you have a problem that could be solved with it!