Coloured Drill size markers made with single-extruder 3D-Printer

1 minute read


A family member needed a Drill size marker, and here you can see the result. I printed these small inserts in PLA Filament with a single extruder 3D-Printer (Ender 3). The trick is to have the font only one layer thick, and printing the two colours in two print jobs.

Preparing the files was easy, the numbers just have to be a boolean cutout from the rest of the block. There is no clearance needed. After slicing them in PrusaSlicer, I printed the files on my Ender 3 with a 0,25mm nozzle. To achieve such small details, it is crucial to use a small extrusion width. Also, you will have to ensure that the bed is very well trimmed and clean.


After printing all the numbers in one colour, you can just change the colour and start a new print for the block. You might want to enable Z-Hop to prevent the nozzle scratching the print and messing up the colours, but other than that there is no difference to normal prints.


This progress was fun to learn, because it allows for easy and fast customisation of all sort of items. It’s also no problem to print a full bed of parts in two colours with only one filament change. I hope you appreciated this small overview! Let me know if you have similar projects in mind.